Therapy Demystified for the Culture

Bradlisia Dixon
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Finally, a guide with action steps that gives you all the knowledge and "know-how" you'll need to secure a therapist who's a good fit!

This guide will help you go from overwhelmed and confused about why it's so hard to find a therapist that works for you, your problem, and budget to feeling exhaling relief because you found them in a week or less!

This guide is for you if:

-You've ever had one thought about starting therapy

-Have a strong desire to start therapy but don't know where to even begin going about it

-You actually started the search before but gave up because there were too many moving pieces, rejections from therapists for one reason or another, or it was way more expensive than you anticipated

Look, just because I'm a therapist now doesn't mean I don't know your pain. That was me! Searching high and low for a therapist and collecting bits and pieces on the way. It took me months to a year to get in front of the therapist I have today (Yes, therapists go to therapy.)

Finding a therapist is a journey but it wasn't supposed to be that long! Now, that I'm on the other side, I realize that therapists are everywhere. I'm not sure why they're hiding in plain sight but I'm exposing them in this guide by sharing with you everything you need to know to find them!

You will learn:

- The secret to vetting therapists before contacting them so you don't waste your time

- What many therapists won't disclose about what happens when they bill insurance for you and how it affects you in the future

- The secret to affording the therapist you really want to work with even if their fee is outside of your budget

So, if you want to cut down on the time and frustration of looking for a therapist you love, click "I want this!" and purchase now!

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Therapy Demystified for the Culture

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